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Tire Safety

Specialty Tires of America takes tire safety seriously, we have compiled a complete section on tire safety and encourage you to browse through the following documents. We have grouped the following information into common topics, please select a link below to view the specific web page.

Tire Responsibilities

You are always responsible for the tires installed on your vehicle. Your safety and the safety of others depend in part on your knowledge of your vehicle and the tires you have installed on that vehicle. Using the wrong size, loadLearn More

Tire Terminology

To help you navigate and understand more about tires we have created a tire terminology page of common tire terms. Scroll below to find definitions and descriptions. Radial Tires Body cords run across the tire perpendicularly Learn More

Tire Selection Assistance

Choosing the right tire Before deciding which replacement tires to use on your vehicle, consult the manufacturers information usually found on the doorframe, door edge, and the glove compartment door or check the owner's manual fLearn More

Wheels and Tire Mounting

WHEELS Always use approved rims. Mount tires only on approved rims. If you have any questions about the rims, consult you dealer. TIRE MOUNTING Tire mounting must be performed by specially trained personnel using proper tools aLearn More

Proper Tire Inflation & Tire Rotation

Tires are designed to give many thousands of miles of excellent service, but you must take good care of tires in order to get the maximum benefit from them. The most important factors in caring for tires are: Inflation Pressure, LLearn More

Vehicle Modifications

After-market modifications to your vehicle can adversely affect vehicle handling and stability. Vehicle modifications such as lift kits and other suspension alterations and/or the use of tires not recommended by the vehicle manufLearn More

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