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Tire Manufacturing Capabilities

Specialty Tires of America, Inc. has a wide variety of tire manufacturing capabilities.

We currently produce Bias-Ply tires with bead diameters of 4.5″ to 38″ and tires that weigh as little as 2 Lbs. to as much as 1500 Lbs.

We offer a wide variety of tire tread compounds to meet any requirement you specify. We have years of experience working with different tread compounds and can work with you to select the proper compound and tread for your specific tire application.

We produce specialty tires for a broad range of industries and applications including: Aircraft, Passenger, Light-Medium-Heavy Duty Trucks, An extensive range of tires specifically designed for racing (Race Tires America®), ATV, Farm and Agricultural, Industrial and Mining.

Specialty Tires of America produces Bias-Ply Tires and now produces a wide variety of Radial Tires.

For more information about our capabilities please contact us at 724-349-9010 or click the contact us button to use our contact form.


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