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Quality Assurance Process

Quality Management System of Tire Manufacturing

Certificate of Approval:

This is to certify that the quality management systems of:
Specialty Tires of America, Inc.
Indiana, PA, USA
Unicoi, TN, USA.

has met the regulations and criteria of the following Quality Systems Standards:

D.O.T. Regulations (109, 119 and 139)
European ECE Agreement (R30 and R54)
Government Qualified Products List (QPL 1922 and QPL 1923)
Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) TSO-ACSEP

ASTM TIRES MEET E501, E524, E1551 AND E1844

ISO 9001:2015

applicable to the design and manufacture of:

Radial and Bias Ply Passenger and Light Truck Tires,
Aircraft Bias Tires, Radial and Bias Collector/Antique Tires,
Bias Medium and Heavy Duty Truck Tires,
Industrial Mining, Grader and Logger Tires, Agricultural Tires, and
Race, Recreational Tires.

Certificate Date – June 14, 2018
Tracy Reed,
Manager Factory Service and Q.A.

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