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Our Uniqueness

At Specialty Tires of America, we are proud of the qualities that set us apart.

We would like to share a few of those qualities with you:

Made in America
All of Specialty Tires of America’s products are made in the United States with quality American workmanship at our facilities in Indiana, Pennsylvania and Unicoi, Tennessee.

Originally founded in 1915 as the McCreary Tire & Rubber Company, Specialty Tires of America has a long and proud tradition of excellence in tire and rubber manufacturing. This tradition lives on to this day as we continually innovate to bring the highest quality products to you.

Broad Selection
Specialty Tires of America produces the highest quality tires for aircraft, mining, industrial handling, agriculture, light truck, off-road, military uses and dirt and asphalt race tires.

Hard to Find Items
We are called Specialty Tires of America for good reason. Our flexible and innovative manufacturing process allows us to create the products our customers demand. Odd sizes and extra load ratings are among our specialties.

Small Production Runs
Flexibility is our advantage. Small production runs allow us to adapt, innovate and respond quickly to the needs of the marketplace.

Family Owned
Specialty Tires of America has been privately owned and operated since its inception in 1915.

Stable Workforce
Over 600 people are employed by Specialty Tires of America. Many have been with the company for over a decade. This has led to our continued commitment to quality that began with McCreary Tire in 1915.

Multiple Facilities
With our two production facilities in Indiana, PA and Unicoi, TN, Specialty Tires has the flexibility and capacity to meet the ever-changing needs of our customers.


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