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Military Truck Tires

Specialty Tires of America offers a wide range of tires that are ideal for Government/Military uses. These tires are popular for use on privately owned used military vehicles, such as jeeps and other trucks. We have years of experience providing high-quality American made tires for a wide range of vehicles, we are uniquely suited to serve your needs for these specialty vehicles.

Below, please find links to information tires we most commonly sell for this market:

STA Non Directional Military Tires (NDT Series): For World War II vintage vehicles.

STA Non Directional Military Tires (NDCC Series) : For post World War II vintage vehicles.

Commander Tires: A run flat multi-functional tire for armored vehicles used in all terrain conditions.

STA Superlug®: Rise above the rest with the STA Superlug®, with its higher ground clearance and overall diameter and incredible traction for SUV's, 4x4's and pickups both on and off the roads.

Super Transport: High-quality tires for your refurbished jeeps and older military vehicles as well as general purpose tires for cranes, shovels and dump trucks.

Current Millitary/Industrial Tires: High quality and durability tires perfect for older United States Post Office equipment and trailers.

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