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Light Truck Bias Ply Tires

Specialty Tires of America has been making quality bias ply tires for over ninety years. During that time, we have developed a high quality light truck bias ply tire line. These tires offer superior puncture resistance and a rigid construction. Our tread rubber compounds offer long wear life. We offer a range of sizes and ply ratings for use on and off the highway and for trailer use as well. To learn more, read about our Light Truck Bias Ply Tires below:

Super Transport
STA Super Transport : With its unique rib design for long mileage and cool running over highways, these tires are superior for light trucks including SUV's, 4x4's, vans, campers and motor homes.

STA Super Traxion® : These long lasting and durable tires offer exceptional traction for pickups, vans, campers on both highways and for off-road uses. These tires have a minimum stone retention design. Clean out is a snap as mud and stones are cast off as the tire rotates.

STA Trailbreaker® : Boldly go where no one else can with the STA Trailbreaker®, specifically built to perform on SUV's, 4x4's, vans and pickups. Featuring an aggressive tread for on and off road use that lasts longer, these tires go the distance for you.

STA Superlug® : Rise above the rest with the STA Superlug®, with its higher ground clearance and overall diameter and incredible traction for SUV's, 4x4's and pickups both on and off the roads.

Military STA Non Directional Tire
STA Non-Directional Military Tires : High-quality tires for your refurbished jeeps and older military vehicles as well as general purpose tires for cranes, shovels and dump trucks.

Super Transport /Super Traxion® : High quality and durability tires perfect for older United States Post Office equipment and trailers.




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