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Specialty Tires of America with its line of American Farmer ® Tires has earned its reputation in the Farm Equipment and Agricultural industries through the production of reliable, high-quality tires. Our high quality American workmanship has earned us respect with farm equipment manufacturers and farmers throughout North America.

In the future, the American Farmer ® line of tires will expand with new sizes and ply ratings to meet the demands of the industry. As another part of our commitment to the future, Specialty Tires of America each year awards the American Farmer ® Tire Scholarship to a student with a declared major in the College of Agricultural Sciences at Pennsylvania State University.

Please look below for more information on our line of American Farmer® Tires:


16.1 Rim (I-1 ) Implement Farm Equipment Tire
Low cost, high flotation multi-rib tread to guard against slippage and enables tires to grip the terrain. A wide tire for broad load distribution and maximum flotation.

Implement Tire I-1

Implement (I-1 Rib) Low Profile Tubeless / Tube type
Low cost, high flotation farm wagon tire with multi-rib tread guards against side slippage and enables tire to grip any terrain maintaining directional stability.

Conventional Rib Implement (I-1): A low cost farm wagon tire, a conventional farm / ag tire for many applications for free rolling wheels on all kinds of farm equipment.

Implement (HF-1) Tubeless : This is a high flotation all terrain tire with weight distribution across a huge footprint for less compaction and turf disturbance

Flotation Implement (I-2) Tubeless : This quality tire has a traction proven diamond design for traction in all weather .

Traction Implement (I-3) Tubeless: Featuring an open curved design for excellent self cleaning with a deep tread pattern for maximum traction and nylon construction for durability and long service life.

HF-3 Traction: This is a high flotation tire with large diameter flotation for additional ground clearance. Featuring the most aggressive tread for better traction in multiple soil conditions.

Farm Front (F1 Single Rib) : - Used on vintage equipment and planting equipment. A track in the rows keeps your equipment from wavering.

Farm Front (F2 Three Rib) : - This tire is used on two wheel drive tractors and has a proven tread design. This economical tire is great on hillsides with its aggressive traction.

Farm Front (F2M) Four Rib: - A quality tire for two wheel drive tractors that won't tear up the turf and minimizes damage. This easy to steer offers better road and smooth surface handling along with being compounded for extra long life. .

Industrial Rib (F-3) : - For steering axle service on tractors and backhoes in industrial service with a 5 rib thread and deep saw tooth groove and wide footprint.

Tractor (R-1) - Featuring maximum traction and constructed for durability with nylon cord for a long service life.

Tractor (R-4) - Rear tires designed for backhoes and industrial tractors.

Turf Traction (R-3) - Rear tires designed for dependable traction with limited soil compaction.

Traxion Cleat (R-1) - Rear tires featuring curved bar designed to deliver quick self cleaning in wet conditions.

Traxion (R-1) - Rear tires features traditional bar design used on older tractors and equipment.

Stalk Buster I-1 - Tires featuring a harder tread compound to resist stalk and stubble carcass damage.

Stalk Buster F-2M - Tires featuring a harder tread compound to resist stalk and stubble carcass damage.

Kane Master- Tires designed with a tuff tread for use in sugar kane fields.

Irrigation R1 - Economical tires designed for irrigation.

American Logger ® LS-2 - These tires are steel belted for forestry applications with advanced rubber compounds that provide maximum resistance to cutting, chipping and punctures. The proven tread angles direct snags away from tire reducing penetrations.

American Logger ® LS-1- Steel belted tires for forestry applications.

Skid Steer Tires - Heavy Duty Construction, Extra Deep Tread, and Sidewall Guards specifically designed for Skid Steers.


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