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American owned, American made, engineered for dependability in every terrain.

At American Logger® tires, we know that every terrain is not equal and time is money. We understand that when you are deep in the woods on a logging job, a punctured tire becomes more than just a simple replacement. It is a major inconvenience. When you are miles away from a service center or you are not easily accessible for a service repair, you can’t afford a tire that is anything less than dependable. Our tires are engineered with just that in mind.

The logging industry is a close community. This characteristic allows us to address our customer’s needs by turning their feedback into product improvements. Our tires are designed to adapt to different regions and perform in the most difficult terrain. This terrain includes the sandy soil conditions found in the Southern United States to the more rugged conditions found in the Western United States.

Our tire is made from an advanced rubber compound that provides maximum resistance to cutting, chipping, and punctures. Our proven tread angle effectively repels snags, one of the most common challenges in logging. Our tires feature a rim guard and four steel belts beneath the tread. This construction provides maximum protection against punctures. The tread pattern design enables the tire to be self-cleaning. These unique features combine to make our tires very dependable.

The purchase of an American Logger® tire is a great investment for your logging equipment. It will be a long lasting, durable, and dependable tire.

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