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American Farmer Tires


American owned, American made, with a growing commitment to the American farmer.

The average American farm uses 120 tires on different types of equipment. Due to the volume of tires used on a farm, a quality tire is essential. We, at American Farmer®, understand what a quality tire means to the American farmer and to the agricultural community. Your tires and equipment are your life blood and livelihood. This is why we are committed to providing the highest quality tires specifically engineered to serve the equipment used by today’s farmers.

The agricultural tire market is always evolving. Today’s farm equipment has diverse demands. The American Farmer® tire is designed to meet these demands. We hear everything the American farmer says, we listen, and we respond. Our greatest innovations are born directly from customer feedback. American Farmer® products are continuously being engineered and re-engineered to include features that solve the real-life issues our customers are experiencing out in the field.

American Farmer® offers design features such as tire tread patterns that free stones, wider grooves to keep the tire cool, and special rubber compounds that resist UV rays and eliminate dry rot. American Farmer® Tires are designed and engineered to handle exactly what you need a tire to do.

American Farmer® is committed to the future of the agricultural community. Each year we award the American Farmer ® Tire Scholarship to a student with a declared major in the College of Agricultural Sciences at Pennsylvania State University.

When you purchase our American Farmer® Tire, you know that we are here today, tomorrow, and in the future to serve the agricultural community.

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